As our industry is increasingly affected by all manner of issues this year, it occurs to me this is when we most need associations like QHA.

After bushfire mis-reporting, drought in much of Queensland, or “the reef is dead” news reports, we now face a cut-off of our tourist trade in the wake of COVID-19 outbreaks. Thankfully, our hospitality and tourism industry are versatile and resilient enough to keep finding ways to succeed.

This month I have met with accommodation members that have seen incredibly sharp drops in occupancy rates and forward bookings. I’ve had discussions with members about the effect of less shifts for their staff and met with all levels of government to discuss how best to assist our industry right now.

My response has been the same to everyone – keep spending! At all costs, keep some momentum in your businesses to ensure you have the capacity to respond when the market turns, which it will. This is why QHA events are so important to allow members to share ideas and support each other. Members Forums, the upcoming Pubs Pots and

Profits programs and the recent Golf Day are all part of this plan.

As you will see in this magazine, we have started the year fast with QHA being all over the state including the Queensland Wine Tourism Experience to the Scenic Rim and Granite Belt. Connecting members with the amazing wines and products all made here in Queensland was a tremendous experience. If you haven’t done it yet – get at least one Queensland wine on your menus, you won’t regret it. It creates a point of difference, it supports “locals” and we are always stronger together.

Bernie Hogan
QHA Chief Executive