QHA Industry COVID Safe Plan

From STAGE 2 certain eligible industries, such as hotels will be able to lodge a single COVID Safe Plan for that industry for approval by the relevant health authority. COVID Safe Plans are developed by industry bodies based on best practice to allow industries to have additional customers on business premises, however these are not mandatory.

QHA has collaborated with Clubs to develop our Industry COVID Safe Plan which has been submitted to Queensland Health for approval. The Plan demonstrates that businesses that comply with the Plan will create a safe enough environment to allow more flexibility ie: more patrons, products and services.

Individual businesses within these industries are then able to apply the Plan to offer services to an increased number of customers (they are not required to submit any additional plans).

Where a business chooses not to apply the relevant approved industry COVID Safe Plan it must continue to comply with WHS or COVID Safe Checklist requirements where appropriate. 

Framework for COVID Safe businesses:

See the following links to useful information regarding:

Framework:  CLICK HERE
Supporting table:   CLICK HERE


Under Stage 2, 20 people (50 in the outback) will be permitted at any one time for dining in at a restaurant, cafe, pub, registered club, RSL club, hotel, or casino.  What if I want to increase the numbers of customers I can have in my business?

Businesses following an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan will be able to offer services beyond the limits currently prescribed in the Roadmap.  This will be based on the 1 person per 4sqm physical distancing rule.

QHA will clarify for members the details of trading in STAGE 2 once approved.

What do I need to do?

QHA will provide members with the required information which will include:

  • Access the approved Industry COVID Safe Plan and implement the necessary controls and complete any checklists
  • Complete the statement of compliance and visibly display on your premises
  • Be ready to show any enforcement officers how you are complying

You do not need to submit any additional plans or checklists to Queensland Health or OLGR.

For more information refer to the Factsheet for individual businesses opting-in to an Industry COVID Safe Plan

Update on ‘dining in’ – SEATED DRINKING ALLOWED:

As with any evolving situation, changes are occurring to the way in which directions by the Queensland Chief Health Officer are applied to your business. The Chief Health Officer has clarified that:

  • a meal is not required to be served to satisfy the dining in provision, and
  • snacks, nuts, chips or a meal are all acceptable forms of food which can be served with alcoholic beverages.

Further information for members:

If you are unsure what applies to your business, check out this decision tree and frequently asked questions to better understand the COVID Safe Businesses framework.

Approved Industry COVID Safe Plans will be published to this website once available: https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/government-actions/covid-safe-businesses