Unfortunately, regardless of your business situation you still must pay for power!  Whether it’s the reduced power usage at your venue or the increased power usage at home, the bills still arrive.  With 24 years’ experience in the Solar industry and over 20,000 installations we can help at both ends.

So what is Available!

Your Business

Government renewable Energy Schemes

STC’s – Up to 100kW - In short an upfront rebate on the cost of your system which equates to around one third of the cost providing a far speedier return on investment.

LGC’s - On going rebates based on your system output. For systems over 100kW these are in place until 2030


You can also write-off the system all in one go as the threshold has been raised from $30,000.00 to $150,000.00 in order to encourage Investment

Your Home

To those of you confined to the family home, no doubt the power usage is going to increase.  SolarXpress can install home systems that can address these ever-increasing costs and would be happy to include on any business package.

If you would like more information around the Government Renewable Energy Schemes or how to write off your system, please call Tom on 0414 484 767 or email tom@solarxpress.com.au. We can provide a cost free analysis of your current situation should you send a copy of a recent power bill.

Recent Solar Installations

The Criterion, Rockhampton – 100kW – Saving over 40% of entire bill

The Red Lion Elizabeth, South Australia – 40kW

The Logan Tavern, Brisbane – 100kW

Robina Pavilion – 100kW