Grabbing a flat white to go at your favourite hole-in-wall coffee shop. Dining out on a Saturday night. Brunch on a Sunday morning. These are part of the Australian way of life, and they're the result of an extremely passionate, dedicated group of small businesses. 95,301 of them to be precise.

These businesses desperately need our help.

#SaveHospitality is a social impact initiative run free-of-charge by hospitality service providers SilverChef and InKind.

We're asking you to 'pay it forward' by buying credit to your favourite restaurant or cafe. This credit will provide an invaluable cash flow injection that could make the difference in a business being able to stay open.

SilverChef and inKind are paying all costs associated with operating this program, so 100% of your purchase (minus credit card fees) will be provided directly to the restaurant.

Whether you are a restaurant wanting support, or a customer wanting to pay it forward, go to to sign up.