On Friday 3 September 2021, the Fair Work Commission approved an application by the Australian Hotels Association to vary the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 (‘HIGA’) to include a new schedule.

This new schedule, Schedule K, provides employers with an optional simplified pay arrangement in the form of loaded rates. Schedule K is only available for full-time employees.

In addition, Schedule K does not apply to:

  • Junior employees,
  • Employees paid in accordance with Schedule E (supported wage system),
  • Employees engaged as per clause 15.3 (catering in remote locations),
  • Employees rostered as per the averaging arrangement at clause 15.1(b)(vii) of the HIGA (160 hours per 4 week cycle).

The QHA has developed a Fact Sheet explaining Schedule K in a question and answer format. Click HERE to download a copy of the Fact Sheet.