Quantaco has expanded its partnership with the QHA as a bronze partner and is actively working with Queensland hoteliers to save them time and make money.

With over a decade of experience helping publicans and restaurateurs run a more profitable operations, we are proud to be supporting the QHA in their activities to promote the industry.

Quantaco offers a range of services dedicated to one industry – ours!

That means you work with people who understand hospitality and are focused on providing valuable, meaningful support to help you and your business be more successful.

Accounting Services

We’re unique and bring together people, processes, and a technology platform, so you have accurate, timely information delivered in a meaningful way helping you make better-informed business decisions.

Insurance and Risk

No jargon, just help getting you the right coverage at the right price to suit your business, and we collaborate with you for a year-round relationship, so we’re there when you need us, not just at renewal time.

Capital Advisory

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, we help achieve the best outcomes for our clients, whether they are expanding, divesting or simply renovating, we navigate the complex capital world, providing a unique value on debt and debt advisory.

Want to know more?

Contact: sales@quantaco.co or visit www.quantaco.co