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The QHA's Human Resources (‘HR’) Manual provides a “one stop” reference guide for policies, correspondence, position descriptions and employment forms.

The HR Manual has been created to meet the needs of employers in the hospitality industry. The content is current and is designed to be implemented in any workplace within the hospitality sector.

The current edition’s life is for 2017-2019* and where the HR Manual contents are updated during an edition’s life, automatic updates with new contents will be emailed to purchasers. This is a great deal and only available where the most current (full) HR Manual edition has been purchased.

* Purchasers of stand-alone templates that are also available on the QHA Shop (being templates from the HR Manual) will not receive updates to those templates – the above automatic updates are a benefit for purchasers of the current HR Manual edition only.

Purchasers receive a copy of the HR Manual in hard copy, and in USB format to allow purchasers to quickly adapt and adopt HR Manual contents and place them on venue letterhead.

In the event a replacement HR Manual USB for this edition is requested due to the copy being lost, upon confirmation of prior purchase of this edition of the HR Manual, a replacement USB will be provided at a cost of $125.00 plus GST ($265.00 plus GST for non-hotel members).


Manual Features:

The Manual includes pro-forma policies including:

• General HR policies to cover legal and operational requirements including Sexual Harassment, Anti-discrimination, Responsible Service of Gaming, Work Health and Safety as well as other legislatively driven expectations;
• Employment Conduct Policies including Fitness for Duty, Computer, Email and Internet Use, General Conduct, Out of Hours Conduct, Discipline, Hold-ups or Robberies, Personal Presentation, and Social Media use;
• Employee Entitlements Policies including Leave Entitlements, Meal Breaks, Training and Development, and Notice of Termination.

The Manual also contains template:

• HR correspondence including Award/Agreement-covered Appointment Letters, Warning and Termination of Employment Letters;
• Human Resources Forms including an Employment Application Form, Confidentiality Agreement, Employee Counselling Form, Leave Application Form and an Employee Grievance Form;
• Position Descriptions for a wide variety of positions in the hotel award streams such as Food and Beverage, Cooking, Kitchen, Guest Services, Clerical, Security and Front Office.

* extended from 2017-2018 for another year in 2019!

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