Position Descriptions


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A package of template Position Descriptions is now available for purchase for the following award streams:

  • Clerical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Front Office
  • Guest Services
  • Gardening
  • Leisure Attendant
  • Kitchen
  • Security

A position description provides both the employer and the employee a written clarification of the role that seeks to describe the job, its primary functions, responsibilities and reporting relationships.

A position description can also provide a better connection between the individual employee and the organisation. This can be achieved through aligning the employee’s tasks, responsibilities and goals with the organisation’s mission statement, purpose and goals. A highly productive, engaged and committed workforce can identify their individual responsibilities and how they contribute and connect to the organisation; a position description can help to achieve this.

Managing an employee’s performance is difficult at the best of times; however if an employer can refer to a position description when counselling an employee, this can seek to alleviate the ambiguity through clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. An effective performance management process concentrates on the standard of work or conduct that the employer expects and a position description can be referred to re-iterate and communicate the employer’s expectations.

If you have any further questions or queries – please contact a member of the Employment Relations Department.

Note that this product may be subject to change as Award and other legislative provisions are amended. By purchasing this product it is important to be aware that updates to this product will not be automatically provided to you, and you will be required to purchase the product again.

Automatic updates are provided where the product has been purchased as part of the 2021 HR Manual produced by the QHA only. The HR Manual is a cost effective option for ensuring your documentation/template and policies (as well as other contents of the HR Manual) are current for the life of the HR Manual edition.


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