Award/Agreement Free Employment Agreement Template


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Agreements of employment should clearly outline the terms and conditions under which the employee has been employed.

QHA’s Award/Agreement Free Employment Agreement Template represents a best practice agreement for staff employed in hospitality workplaces who are excluded from Award and Agreement coverage. These employees are generally called ‘Award/Agreement Free’ due to no award or formal Workplace Agreement providing coverage for the particular position and duties the employee is performing, for example Hotel Manager, HR Manager, Accountant.

QHA’s Award/Agreement free employment agreement templates have been redrafted in 2022 by an external legal firm. This means that the templates are current as well as comprehensive.

Three template options are available, and they are:

  1. Full time agreement
  2. Part time agreement
  3. Maximum term agreement*

* A maximum term agreement refers to an agreement of employment for a period of time, such as completing a project. A maximum agreement differs from a fixed term agreement because it includes a termination clause, meaning that a maximum agreement can be terminated during the term of the agreement – this is not the case for fixed term agreements.

The same price applies to each agreement.

New terms that are included in each template are:

  • Vaccination clause
  • Motor vehicle use clause
  • Restraint of employment clause (including post employment)
  • Abandonment of employment clause

Competitively priced for QHA hotel members, the template, which has been designed for use in workplaces in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and National Employment Standards, can take the hassle out of drafting agreements by ensuring you confirm the terms and conditions that apply to an employee’s employment.


  • Members: $450 per template
  • Non Members: $725 per template

This template is not available to QHA corporate members or partners. It has been developed for hotel and hospitality based venues.

Award/Agreement covered positions

A position is not Award/Agreement Free as a result of paying higher than the relevant Award, or simply because it’s more convenient. A position that is covered by an Award, such as the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 will always be covered by it – unless you are paying them at least the high income threshold of $158,000pa.

Members seeking assistance with agreements for Award covered employees, should view the Award Covered Appointment Letter Templates'.


Award/Agreement free employment agreement templates –

  • Are not included in the QHA Human Resource Manual. The template is a separate product that must be purchased, even if a member has the HR Manual.
  • When purchased, are provided as a one off document. This means that updates to the template, which may occur from time to time, will not be provided as a subscription. A new template will need to be purchased.

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