There is a training company called RSA ONLINE NOW (or state based variants of that name) who deliver an online course described as an “RSA.” Unfortunately, their RSA course is not an accredited unit of competency, which is the mandatory qualification required to work in Queensland’s hotel and hospitality sector.

They fudge it by calling the training product a “Responsible Sale of Alcohol” and describe the RSA course as “an introduction to the Hospitality Industry where service of alcohol is required.” They include some content of the genuine accredited RSA course and provide a Statement of Attendance/Certificate of Completion upon graduation.

Customers who don’t know much about hospitality training products are fooled into believing that this is the accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course as described in the Liquor Act. Well, it’s not.

This is what to look for on any website offering online RSA training:

  • The accredited course is actually called Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • It is a unit of competency coded SITHFAB002
  • This training can only be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) e.g. approved by the regulator – QHA is an RTO serial no. 30826
  • RTOs are training providers listed by the regulator on
  • Course content is based upon four elements:
    - Element 1 – Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
    - Element 2 – Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
    - Element 3 – Assess alcohol affected customers and identify those to whom sale or service must be refused
    - Element 4 – Refuse to provide alcohol
  • A Statement of Attainment is issued upon successful completion.
  • The Statement of Attainment will include the following:
    - The words ‘Statement of Attainment’
    - It will display a certificate number, date of issue and RTO number
    - A Nationally Recognised Training logo (upside down pyramid)
    - Signed by an authorised officer (Chief Executive etc)

All of the above should be displayed, found or described on the training provider’s website. In this instance, none of the above information is provided.

Note: RSA Statements of Attainment dating back to 2011/2012 are still valid if they are described as a Statement of Attainment and contain the Nationally Recognised Training logo, even though the code may have been superseded.