Eat now, payo later

A new way to pay that’ll get more patrons through your door.

Join hundreds of venues in Brisbane. Gold Coast launching soon.

In a world where six million Australians are already using Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services and 62% of Generation Z believe it’s a more financially responsible spending method than a credit card, it’s clear that young Australians are ready to indulge freely, deliciously and without the stress of interest.


Introducing a better way to payo

Payo is a new BNPL service exclusive to the hospitality industry that’s interest-free and empowering people with the financial freedom to indulge in the things (and places) they love.

Currently servicing over 500 venues across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, payo gives Aussies the opportunity to eat now, and ‘payo’ the bill off in four interest-free instalments. Essentially, it’s a new way to pay that allows Australians to embrace more chances to indulge.


Exclusive offer for QHA members

Payo is offering zero transaction fees for QHA members for the first month. A 3% merchant fee normally applies per transaction.


Boosting bookings, average spend and return visits

But it’s not just the customers who are revelling in their new-found financial freedom. Our merchants are reaping the delicious rewards, too.

Payo users spend an average of 50% more every time they dine, and are dining out up to 3–4 times a week. And, with 40% of users between 25–35 years old, it’s fair to say our country’s youngsters are keen to treat themselves in new and exciting ways, all they need is a service that will help them do it.


Helping rebuild a post-pandemic industry

After a tumultuous couple of years, the hospitality industry has been left hungrier than ever. And – as the data says – it’s young Aussies who are most eager to do their bit and get out there to foot the bill for richer local experiences. Here at payo, we want to help them do it.

Using exclusive venue offers and limited time deals, we’re driving streams of new and returning customers to local restaurants, cafes and bars where they’re opening their wallets to bigger feasts, functions, events and gift vouchers than ever before – and we’re helping them pay for the lot.


Your responsible payment partner

Australia is home to one of the most delicious, multi-cultural cuisine scenes on the planet, and we believe everyone should have a seat at the table – because life’s too short to skip that second dessert.

It’s also too short to spend it worrying about debt, which is why we only shout customers who can afford to pay us back. We conduct internal credit checks on every payo applicant to ensure that’s always the case.


Underpinned by a rich history in hospitality

We may be a fresh brand but payo is a team of hospo veterans. We live and breathe the industry, so we’re proud to put payo in the palms of hungry Australians – because bite-by-bite, we’re reawakening our country’s appetite for eating out, and helping to rebuild the local businesses we love.


Join 500+ venues on payo

Ready to add your venue’s name to the growing list of local bars and eateries in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (plus, Gold Coast and more cities launching later this year)? Increase your average transaction spend by joining us at the table (and on the app!) at