With the roadmap to recovery in play around the country, businesses are beginning to re-open and we are all slowly able to start doing the things we love again

These are encouraging developments.  For the recovery to be successful however, there are a few things required.  These are:

• Continued implementation of the good hygiene practices we've all been applying (e.g wash hands, social distance, etc)
• Buildings/venues having a re-opening plan that keeps you, customers, and the public virus free as people begin to congregate again, as restrictions allow.

A good plan should cover a few areas:

• ensure the building is healthy before opening to the public
• have ongoing hygiene practices in place 
• have an action plan in the event of a virus case

If these items are covered, the outcome should be a reduced risk of infection, and a reduced risk of business interruption.

If you're wondering where to start with developing a plan, The Australian Government has provided a tool that can assist. Link below.


Have a great day,