QHA and me&u partner to deliver a contactless ordering & payment experience for members of QHA.

Get ready for the “other side”

COVID-19 has changed our industry for good. Amid the economic devastation, we strongly believe that the crisis presents a rare opportunity to “rewrite” the biz model & inspire a more profitable industry. So we got busy creating a better me&u to ensure we were ready to serve you and your customers on the other side.

We did some research full report here and this is what customers said about eating out post COVID-19:
– 65% want to be able to view your menu on their phone
– 60% are now wary of standing in a queue
– 95% want to use Tap & Go payments, not cash

Introducing Contactless Ordering & Payments by me&u

– No need to touch printed menus
– No need to handle cash or credit cards
– No need to stand in a busy queue

All the research points to a set of customer expectations that will be different

Eater Magazine said it best: “To Survive Coronavirus, Restaurants Can Never Go Back to ‘Normal.’ The pandemic will irrevocably change diners’ relationship with eating out, and restaurants need to be ready.”

– They won’t want to stand in congested queues at the counter
– They won’t want to touch physical menus
– They won’t want to handle cash
– They will expect more hygiene sensitive experiences
– And unfortunately our traditional service flows do not match the new expectations of our customers or the new restrictions that are likely to be imposed by the government when we open the doors again.

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