Lion’s Procedure to Restarting Your Beer System After Shutdown

  • Be safe and ensure you use your Personal Protection Equipment.
  • If refrigeration has been shut down, turn on the cool room.
  • Refrigerate kegs for a minimum of 48 hrs.
  • Turn on CO2 supply and air compressor (if applicable) - check regulator settings are correct & check for any gas leaks.
  • Re-clean beer lines & system. Note: ideally all beer lines, keg couplers & taps should have been cleaned with an approved detergent during beer system shut down.
  • After beer line clean, flush with 10 ltrs of water per line.
  • Connect keg couplers to kegs, connect CO2 gas lines and pull beer to taps.
  • Check glycol levels in the system tank. Turn on glycol cooler system – typically at GPO in coolroom adjacent to glycol cooler. Re-check the glycol levels once the system is running.
  • Ensure fobs have no breakout in the cylinder (bleed if required) and return levers/pins to trading position.
  • Once glycol cooler temperature reaches approximately 2˚C (refer to thermostat digital display on cooler). System set for trading.


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