Lighthouse Safety & Compliance is here to help venues stay compliant with the rules and regulations that surround the hospitality industry.  We frequently assist venues with health and safety, fire, AML/CTF, food safety, and various other compliance obligations.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we form with our clients and strive to provide a high quality service.

Our most recent development is our Hospitality Safety & Training Portal.  Venues can now record incidents and hazards, conduct safety checks, keep fridge temp records, record cleaning schedules, document shift reports and more from their smart phones or tablets.  Our online training videos cover topics such as kitchen and hospitality safety, fire safety, bullying & harassment, conflict resolution, hospitality hygiene, armed robbery awareness, RSA & RSG refreshers, and AML/CTF training.

We currently assist more than 100 venues in Qld and NSW.  If you think we could assist your venue please call the Managing Director - Patrick Martin on 0422 669 631 or email