Now that Keno is back, the Keno marketing team are helping pubs bring old and new customers to the game through the launch of a fun educational campaign.

The campaign is designed to improve game knowledge and offer customers a series of tools to help them master playing.

During the campaign, animations will run across all Keno-owned channels to help educate people on how to play Keno.

Venues can also download a range of in-venue POS items from Keno Connect to assist them with navigating players to two new tools.

The first is the Keno prize wheel – a digital adaptation of the printed prize wheel and the other is My Keno Numbers – a fun and interactive quiz to help players collate a set of numbers meaningful to them (and spot type) and then help them play.

Keno hopes to build the product knowledge of existing players, who know how to play, but may not have a full understanding of how Keno works or play the game the same way they were taught years ago, and don’t spend any time or energy on exploring new games.

The campaign also aims to engage with new players who know of Keno but don't know exactly what it is and require tools to help them choose numbers and place their first ticket.

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