With Footy season here, it’s the ideal time to tell your customers about Keno Heads or Tails ­– a quick and easy way to play, perfect for quarter and half-time breaks.

The best part is players have the chance to double or quadruple their money!

To assist your club in promoting the game, Keno has launched an ongoing campaign that aligns with backing a footy team, prompting customers to consider ‘Which side will you choose?’.

The campaign, ‘Sometimes using your head means choosing Tails’, is running from 11 March on Keno Display Screens.

Keno Heads or Tails is all about choosing which half of the Keno grid will have more numbers appear in a game of Keno. There are two sides to the grid: Heads - top half of the grid, containing numbers 1 to 40 and Tails - bottom half of the grid, containing numbers 41 to 80.

If customers simply can’t choose, they can pick Evens, which will quadruple their money if there are equal numbers drawn in both halves of the Keno grid.

To make it even easier to play, a Heads or Tails counter is displayed during the game at the top of the game screen. To play, customers can mark a game card or play on a Keno Touch machine.

For more information, contact your Keno Sales Executive.