Keno puts its customers first and is taking a proactive approach to ensuring responsible gaming is at the heart of its business.

To strengthen its commitment to the responsible provision and use of its all its products, including Keno, Tabcorp has recently developed a Customer Care mission and set of principles for responsible gambling.

As part of this commitment, Tabcorp's Retail Assurance team has commenced rolling out their Venue Self-Assessment (VSA) tool, which aims to support all Keno venues’ level of compliance.

“Keno is a game that brings people together for fun times, so naturally, caring for our customers is at the very heart of the way we operate,” says Keno’s National Partnership Manager, Jade Clark.

“Our goal is to equip people with information and resources that will assist them in making informed decisions about how they play their favourite game.

“When we actively support our customers, we create sustainable partnerships and communities.

“That’s why we’ve taken a proactive leadership approach to responsible gaming seriously, which goes above and beyond just following the letter of the law. We strive to actively minimise potential harm to our customers.

“We want to work with our partners on initiatives such as education campaigns, self-exclusion programs, research and supporting counselling services. And our Venue Self-Assessment tool is an important part of how we can support venues to achieve best-practice in this area.”

Keno’s VSA roll out is timely given that Victorian Gambling Harm Awareness Week – an annual initiative to increase awareness of gambling and gambling harm in the Victorian community – runs from 19 to 25 October. The week is an opportunity to increase the community’s understanding of risky gambling behaviour, encourage people to recognise when their gambling may place them at risk of harm, provide information on practical ways to keep gambling under control, and how to get help if they need it.

A member of the VSA team will contact each venue in the next 12 months and explain what is required to complete the VSA, including the number of Self-Service Terminals in the venue, who the Keno operators are, as well as ask venues to nominate a staff member to complete the VSA, explains Clark.

“We strongly encourage our Victorian club partners to make the time to do the self-assessment to benefit both your business and your customers’ wellbeing.

“Your club’s nominated staff member will receive an email with a link and unique access code to the VSA site, and your assessment will be tailored to your venue and takes less than 30 minutes.”

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Keno’s key customer care commitments

Responsible gambling  Keno is committed to being a leader in promoting responsible gambling.

Responsible advertising  Keno supports government-backed, consumer protection initiatives, such as gambling advertising restrictions and prohibition on offering of credit by wagering operators, and restrictions on online in-play betting.