Keno wants to hear what its Queensland hotel partners think about Keno to better understand its relationship with venues and how it can improve its products and services

Keno will be sending out a business customer survey to its valued Queensland hotel partners in the next few days, which will remain open until the end of December.

An email will be sent to your hotel with a link to the survey. All responses will be anonymous unless your venue chooses to identify itself. Look out for the email and make sure you have your say.

Keno is particularly interested to see how its ongoing support of Queensland clubs through the challenging COVID-19 trading period has strengthened relationships. During government-imposed closures, Keno suspended its Daily Connection Fee, while, at times continuing paying commissions to venues that chose to operate during trading restriction periods.

“The last year has been really tough for our hotel partners and Keno is committed to continually improving on previous results and our service and product offerings to our valued hotel partners during 2022,” Keno’s Head of Trade Engagement and Operations, Ralf Bzdega says.

“Keno is proud that our 2020 survey showed they enjoyed working with Keno more than ever before,” explained Bzdega

“A contributing factor to the strong results in 2020 were Keno’s positives actions in supporting venues through the difficult COVID trading restrictions.

“Keno is continuing to see significant increases, year on year, in its NPS due to a strengthening of its relationships and, last year, recorded the highest NPS score ever for any Tabcorp business unit.”

The 2020 results revealed Keno significantly improved its relationships and advocacy across the board, with its Net Promotor Score (NPS) increasing from +26 in July/August 2019 to +45 in October/November 2020. The 2019 survey results also showed significant improvements, with Keno’s NPS increasing from +5 in 2018 to +26 in 2019.

Venues are also consistently viewing their relationship with Keno as being more strategic, according to Bzdega. “The strength of Keno’s partnerships is evidenced by 7% more venues viewing Keno as strategic or business partner. In 2019, 10% more venues felt they felt they had a strategic relationship with Keno.

“Our revamp of our Local Area Marketing program, roll-out of the New Retail Image, relaunch of Second Chance Draw, and proactive COVID support during trading restrictions, combined with a strong sales and marketing approach, have been vital in strengthening our venue partner relationships, explains Bzdega.

Participation in the 2020 survey was strong, particularly given the timing of the survey, with more senior decision-makers (41%), including General Managers (22%) and Venue Managers (33%) participating.

“We are hopeful for the same strong engagement from our hotel partners again this year and look forward to your teams sharing their insights with us,” says Bzdega.

Look out for the email with the link to the survey and contact your Keno Sales Executive if you haven’t received one.