Who we are

We are a local, owner-operated, specialist cleaning company that prides ourselves on being transparent and reliable. We have a special interest in commercial cleaning with a focus on deep cleaning bathrooms, bars, kitchens, dining areas and also keg and cool rooms.  Our Director, Jake Condon, is hands on in conducting all deep cleaning services and is particularly passionate about the benefits of hot water deep cleaning on toilet blocks. 

Our experience

Our experience in deep cleaning toilet blocks is extensive and extends to the public and private sector. In particular, we have experience conducing hot water deep cleans at major shopping centres, retail shopfronts, a range of pubs and clubs including publicly listed ALH Group Australia (Woolworths Hotels) and other community toilet blocks. A short video and testimonial is available via this link:


In line with our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we have had several of our toilets tested before and after we have conducted a deep clean with an ATP machine. An ATP machine measures the levels of food, yeast, bacteria and mould that is not visible to the eye.

Where we have conducted deep toilet cleans, it has resulted in the reduction of a toilet with an R.L.U as high as 355 to an R.L.U of 14, which is in line with Australian Standards for the food industry.

Our specialist equipment

We utilise a range of specialist equipment to deliver high quality,  high-pressure hot water deep cleans. This includes a 150degree, 4000psi high pressure cleaner. In addition, we have extensive expertise in chemical selection, ensuring we use the most appropriate and effective chemicals for each situation to ensure we deliver a high-quality outcome




About Jake Condon

Jake Condon is the founder of JC Eco Blasting and proudly resides in the local area with his young family. A qualified carpenter and builder, Jake is passionate about cleaning and particularly about the benefits of hot water deep cleaning.

Jake founded JC Eco Blasting with the express purpose of providing quality cleaning services to the public and private sector, with a specialisation in deep cleans and commercial cleaning. 

Jake Condon – Director   JC Eco Blasting Pty Ltd

M: 0417 702 227

E: jcecoblasting@hotmail.com