The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has had a major impact on the Australian economy. Event cancellations, social distancing measures and business closures have seriously affected many, if not all, Australian industries. And as we all are fully aware, hospitality has been at the top of the impact list. These really are unprecedented times, and we’re all doing whatever we can to get through it.

One of the issues that has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic is the difficulties that are faced by casual workers when it comes to taking sick leave.

Those in the workforce who do not have access to leave may already be in a vulnerable financial position. It’s these workers that are more hesitant about taking time off work when they are sick, because they simply can’t afford to.

Casual workers are a major part of the hospitality workforce. Ensuring they have the financial capacity to stay at home is an important part of protecting your business and its staff, as well as the public. Insurance in super is one way to provide this financial safety net. Income protection can help ease the financial burden for staff who need to take time off work should they become ill.

Intrust Super offers income protection insurance to all eligible members, including casual workers. If any staff have Intrust Super’s PayGuard income protection and are diagnosed with COVID-19, they may be covered by this insurance. Members should visit our website, use MemberAccess or contact us if they aren’t sure if they have cover in place through their super.

Even those casual workers who have not gotten sick are likely to have experienced some financial setbacks as a result of the pandemic. With many businesses forced to reduce their opening hours or close completely, many workers may have experienced loss of income and potentially even the loss of their job. In an unprecedented time like this coronavirus outbreak, I’m sure financial worries are probably top of mind for many of your staff.

As part of our service commitment to our partners, it’s Intrust Super’s priority to help our members improve their financial health and maximise their savings. If you do have any staff who need help with their insurances or information about their super, our team of Relationship Managers would be happy to provide assistance for those that need it.

You can contact your local Intrust Super Relationship Manager via their contact details at, or email

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