The QHA is aware that there are still many areas requiring clarification. Please rest assured we are engaged with all relevant levels and departments of government to get the correct information for your businesses asap.

The Queensland Government has announced that from 17 December, unvaccinated people will be unable to:

  • Attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants or cafes.
  • Attend indoor entertainment venues such as nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres or cinemas.
  • Attend outdoor entertainment activities such as sporting stadiums or theme parks.
  • Attend festivals – either indoor or outdoor – such as musical festivals, folk festivals or arts festivals.
  • Attend Queensland Government owned galleries, museums or libraries.
  • Visit vulnerable settings, including hospitals, residential aged care, disability care accommodation, and prisons. There will be some exceptions for medical treatment, end-of-life visits, childbirth and emergency situations.

Please note that the actual specific details will be outlined in a Public Health Direction from the Acting Chief Health Officer that will make the above-mentioned measures a legal requirement in Queensland.

An updated Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction #30 has not yet been finalised or released, we expect this to occur in the coming week/s.

This means that only fully vaccinated staff and patrons will be permitted to enter those venues outlined above from 17 December.

Until the Direction is finalised, the QHA understands there are many areas requiring clarification.

From a venue operational perspective, we can confirm the following:

  • Density restrictions will not apply from 17 December.
  • Only people aged 16 and over will need to be fully vaccinated to enter.
  • A person is considered fully vaccinated when they have had two doses of a TGA approved vaccine.
  • People will still need to check-in to venues via the Check-In Qld app.
  • From 19 November, people will be able to link their vaccination certificate into the Check-In Qld app.
  • Detached bottle shops will not be part of the ‘fully vaccinated people only’ requirement (as deemed essential retail, as was the case during lockdowns).
  • ‘Accommodation only’ guests will not have to be vaccinated for accommodation purposes. However, if there is a pub, restaurant or nightclub within the hotel, only fully vaccinated people can go into those parts of the hotel.
  • Service providers must be fully vaccinated if they need to conduct work inside a restricted business premises. For example, a security guard must be fully vaccinated to work at a pub or nightclub. There are exceptions for emergency maintenance work. For example, an unvaccinated plumber could enter a restricted business to fix a burst pipe.

We are seeking clarification on the following, plus a range of other matters:

  • The commencement date will be 17 December (and no earlier, irrespective of when we reach 80% vaccination)?
  • When will the Public Health Direction will be released?
  • What are the enforcement requirements of venues and what constitutes taking ‘reasonable steps’?
  • Checking in people in Business Mode on the Qld Check-in App – how do they show their vaccination status?
  • Whether it applies to patrons for take-away food & beverage from the venue? Can they enter, order, pay and collect take-away food and beverages?
  • Whether it applies to delivery service staff, for example Uber Eats, Menu log etc to enter the venue for picking up deliveries from within a venue?
  • What evidence will be acceptable for patrons and staff with a medical exemption to get vaccinated?

Information from a staffing perspective is provided further on in this QHA Bulletin.

Thank you for your patience while we wait for the CHO directive, take the time interpret it when it is released, and prepare necessary resources for you. The QHA will release more information for members as soon as it can.

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