Easter Period Trading Guide

Good Friday Eve (Thursday 9 April)
On the Thursday before Good Friday, all liquor and gaming service must cease at 12 midnight.
Patrons have until 12.30am to finish their drinks and be off the premises.

Good Friday (10 April)
On Good Friday, no gaming is permitted and no take-away liquor may be sold. Liquor may be supplied to patrons eating a meal in an area of the premises ordinarily set aside for dining. Liquor can be sold to patrons for one hour before dining, while eating their meal and for one hour after finishing their meal.
Note: A meal is defined as food eaten by a person at a fixed structure used as a table, with cutlery provided for the purpose of eating the food, and is of a sufficient substance to be ordinarily accepted as a meal.

Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday
There are no special restrictions on the provision of liquor and gaming, and licensed premises can trade in accordance with their permitted trading hours and conditions.

Anzac Day Trading Guide

ANZAC Day Eve (24 APRIL)
On Friday 24 April, the sale and supply of alcohol must cease at midnight (with a grace period of 30 minutes for consumption permitted until 12:30am). Gaming machine operations must also cease at 12.30am.

On Saturday 25 April, from 10am to 1pm, liquor may only be sold or supplied in conjunction with a meal in a part of the premises that is ordinarily set aside for dining. Note definitions of a meal ‘as per Easter period trading guide”.