Holding Redlich is QHA corporate partner, and a full service commercial law firm operating in Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney. Our Queensland presence in both our Brisbane and Cairns offices (in each case, amongst the largest law firms in those cities) places us in a great position to assist the Hotels all across in Queensland.

We have extensive experience in acting for QHA members in the purchase and sale of Hotels and a broad range of advisory matters. We have a good relationship with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and other relevant bodies.

The Hotel industry is amongst the hardest hit by the restrictions that each tier of government has imposed as response to the COVID19 crisis. We have put together a Resource Centre to assist in navigating the wide range of legal issues during this uncertainty. Please visit www.holdingredlich.com/knowledge-covid-19 for further details.

One area in which we are advising on a daily basis is protections to be afforded to tenants of commercial leases. This will include QHA members who occupy their premises under a lease, and who meet the eligibility criteria for relief to apply. The Queensland Government has finally enacted rent relief Regulations for eligible commercial and retail tenants (it was the last State to do so). Given that many Hotels (and other businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors) were forced to close their doors completely, and are now only slowly ramping up business again as we approach Stage 3 of the eased COVID-19 restrictions, we consider that those businesses will have a very strong position to seek relief (including rental waiver and deferral) under the Regulations. We encourage any QHA members who are tenants to contact us to assist in finalising and documenting any negotiations with their landlords.

We wish all QHA members the best during this difficult time. For any legal assistance in navigating your businesses through the current environment, please contact in the first instance:

Darren Anderson
07 3135 0542

Robert Lyons
Special Counsel
07 3135 0559

For information regarding the legal services we offer, please visit www.holdingredlich.com