With the industry being hardest hit by the new lock outs, we are looking at a number of ways to help our clients (and your members) get some premium relief from Insurers on an individual client basis. We have a strategy for upcoming renewals on building insurance to help minimise the upfront costs hoteliers are being asked to pay, and will be testing this strategy on upcoming renewals. We’ve identified another challenge that I am guessing most hoteliers won’t even be thinking about right now, but it could cause them more grief if they don’t.

Unoccupied premises are often targets for criminals who will target the premises for theft. In addition to the damage done during break and entry, and the theft of property, there is also a risk of bigger losses through arson, vandalism, and personal injury to the invaders themselves.

We recommend clients have a plan in place to at least have some level of supervision and show some activity in their venue while they are in shut down. This can help dissuade criminals who may be watching or looking to target certain locations.

This will also help manage costs when it comes to renewing their Property and Liability insurance: Insurers treat unoccupied premises with disdain and will raise premiums if they don’t think there is adequate supervision of the site.

In these challenging times we are doing all we can to help out clients minimise the cost of insurance, and if we can be of any help to your clients please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If any QHA members would like to discuss this, or anything to do with insurance and risk, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Charles Galayini
Manager, Business Development & Retention
0414 421 425