The latest innovation in children’s hospitality entertainment is upgrading its offering with a new and exciting collaboration with the National Rugby League (NRL). Grub Lab, a brand that cleverly and commercially develops interactive children’s Augmented Reality (AR) packs for the foodservice industry, further tailors to the needs of the tech-savvy kids of today.


Grub Lab’s smart device app that uses AR technology to bring kids activity packs to life. The graphics inside the activity pack act as a launch pad to activate games and experiences that keep kids entertained in hospitality venues and mum and dad returning to their local. With 46% of children between 6 - 13 using a mobile phone regularly and 72% of them using them for games[1], the team behind Grub Lab wants to focus on what the kids of today love and introduce fresh content and big brands to venues seeking innovation and returning customers.

Grub Lab’s latest collaboration brings the fun and excitement of the NRL off the field and into venues. The NRL Heroes Scan & Play series includes a 13 page activity booklet and collectable sticker pack, with 4 collectable versions which include all 16 team mascot characters.

The NRL Heroes series takes traditional colouring in packs and drop kicks them over the fence, the Scan and Play activity packs include new and exciting games like ‘NRL Strike’ a fun game where users can launch the footy field scene and take-out all of the hidden mascots to score points, ‘NRL Footy Finds’ a find the hidden objects game, ‘Mascot Memory’ where kids can have fun matching the mascots, ‘NRL colouring-in’ that comes to life as well as brain games and more. Hospitality venues can hand out to their customers as a true value add on experience for families and keep their venue enjoyable for all.

Mick Carr, CEO and Founder, Grub Lab, says, “We are really excited about this latest collaboration with the NRL, a beloved sport by so many Aussies, particularly young children. As we constantly look to evolve the product, we want to resonate with what Australians are interested in and what’s relevant at the moment, by including different teams and their mascots, there’s something for everyone and the concept really elevates our original product. As rugby league is one of Australia’s most popular sports, we believe this collaboration will further enhance the value Grub Lab already provides to venues.” 

Wade Healy, Head of NRL Licensing says: “This collaboration is a really fun way for more children to learn about NRL or find more ways to interact with their favourite team. The opportunity for children to engage with the sport in such an interactive and unique way is so exciting and we are thrilled to be a part of this.” 

For a limited time only, Grub Lab are offering QHA members a 20% discount on NRL Heroes Scan & Play Activity Packs. Level up your hotel and increase family foot traffic today!  

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