Free virtual financial education masterclasses

BDO’s free Financial Education Masterclasses are for business owners and key personnel who want to improve their financial literacy and use financial information to make better business decisions.  Exceptional business leaders have excellent financial management skills even those who outsource the finance function. The purpose of these masterclasses is to ensure you understand the financial implication of every business decision you make.

  • Know your numbers: For business owners, financial literacy is a critical skill. If you understand your numbers, it’s easier to make informed, strategic decisions that result in financial stability and sustained business growth.
  • Control your cashflow: Cash flow management is critical for business owners who want to thrive, not just survive the current economic environment. Learn how to control your cashflow so it doesn’t control your business.
  • Forecast your financials: Financial forecasting is like building a road map for your business - it clarifies exactly how you will achieve your growth plans and is the foundation of successful financial management.