It has been a very busy week for members implementing the requirements of Stage 2 trading which commenced on Friday 5 June. We understand there has been a lot of information provided and a lot of confusion across different government agencies attending your venues. We have collated a range of member frequently asked questions to clarify these issues and to provide confidence when you are dealing with inspectors from OLGR, Queensland Health, Queensland Police, Office of Fair Trading, or Local Councils.


Stage 2 trading environment overview

Stage 2 trading is based on seated eating and/or drinking, collection of patron contact details, and maintaining the 1 person per 4sqm rule while ensuring 1.5m social distancing from related parties.

Of course, there will be pathway and communal areas – the general rule is that if a person is not seated, then they are up for a purpose, which may include accessing a venue’s entry/exit; toilets; Designated Outdoor Smoking Area’s (‘DOSA’s); TAB or KENO terminals, ATM’s, and point of sale areas as required. Venues must manage these areas via social distancing to avoid any ‘clustering’ of patrons. Enhanced cleaning regimes are also expected.

To trade with more than 20 patrons in Stage 2, continue to use the QHA developed resources and checklists to assist you implement the requirements of our approved Industry COVID Safe Plan: CLICK HERE

Who can sit together at a table?

Any group of people may choose to sit together, up to a maximum of 20 per defined area. We call this a ‘related party’. There is no requirement that the related party come from the same household or are family.

Do I need to get the contact tracing details of every person at a table?

Yes - you need to get the contact tracing information for customers, workers and any contractors and it must be kept for a period of at least 56 days. This must include name, address and mobile phone number.

Note: Be mindful of customer privacy – have a system of collection which does not allow unrelated parties to see each other’s contact information.

Can I seat patrons at the bar for dining-in or seated drinks? 

Yes. Food and/or drinks can be consumed by patrons seated at a table or at a bar. Queensland Health advises that if seated at a bar, there must be 1.5 metres to the next patron (unless they are there together) and patrons must not be seated next to serving areas or payment areas.

Patrons must not congregate at the bar and social distancing measures must be enforced for patrons to place an order or collect food or drink. 

Can I operate my Designated Outdoor Smoking Area (DOSA)?

Yes. Maintain social distancing of 1.5m and ensure capacity of 1 patron to 4 square meters.


Can patrons order at the bar?

No.  Patrons must not congregate at the bar or stand at the bar to place an order or collect food or drink.

QHA has sought further clarification and advises that there are ‘exceptions’ where patrons may go to the bar/bistro/point-of-sale (POS) for the purpose of:

  • Making payments (for food and beverage orders) where a venue only has payment available at the bar, e.g. no wireless EFTPOS, transactions requiring pin number authorisation
  • Ordering, payment and collection of food and/or beverage for take-away sales
  • Bar POS transactions on KENO terminals
  • Bar POS transactions on TAB wagering terminals
  • Seated at the bar consuming food and/or drinks - there must be 1.5 metres to the next patron and patrons must not be seated next to serving areas or payment areas.

In all the above circumstances strict social distancing is required and no congregation of patrons is allowed.

Remember the 3 ‘SSS’:

  1. Seat – patrons must be seated for dining and/or drinking
  2. Separate – manage social distancing, max 20 per defined area, and keep patrons within their defined area
  3. Serve – serve patrons where they are seated.


The QHA is working closely with all government departments, unions and relevant Ministers to progress Stage 3 trading as soon as possible.