The QHA’s free Everything ER half day courses represent an excellent professional development opportunity for your existing and future leaders.

It is also a good refresher for your HR team.

Covering the topics of:

  • Employment entitlement sources
  • HIGA 101 – the main entitlements and obligations for employers
  • Wage Theft
  • Consultation and Dispute Resolution requirements and obligations
  • Termination – the provisions and best practice steps for an employer to take
  • Employment contracts and policy and procedures.

The Everything ER course is packed full of valuable information and practical ideas for managing your workplace obligations.

Upcoming Dates:

Cairns: Thurs, 29 April 2021 Last Sessions of the Program…


Gold Coast: Thurs, 6 May 2021 
Brisbane: Tues, 11 May 2021 
Rockhampton: Thurs, 13 May 2021 
Sunshine Coast: Tues, 18 May 2021

Registration is FREE, and not limited – you can register anyone from your workplace who will benefit from the above information.

Non members can attend at no cost.