Queensland’s Premier announced on Friday 25 September that there will be an easing of some of the Stage 3 trading restrictions.

As of 1am on Thursday 1 October 2020:

  • All businesses may have one person per 2 square metres on their premises in outdoor areas
  • Events for up to 1,000 people no longer require a COVID Safe Event Plan and can operate under the COVID Safe Event Checklist
  • Events at stadiums and event premises will now be able to operate at 75% capacity under a COVID Safe Plan

The biggest change is regarding the operation of outdoor spaces, with up to 1 person per 2 square meters permitted in outdoor areas.  There are no changes to the existing 1 person per 4 square meters indoor density or the seated drinking and eating requirement at this stage.


Outdoor areas:

  • Can be fixed or temporary structures
  • Must not be fully enclosed
  • Must be open to the elements with natural air-flow ventilation
  • Balconies and verandas can be outdoor areas with sufficient natural air-flow ventilation

For example, an outdoor marquee structure with the sides open would be an outdoor area. If the sides were enclosed it would NOT be classified as an outdoor area.

NOT considered outdoor areas:

  • an enclosed outdoor marquee would NOT be classified as an outdoor area
  • opening bi-fold doors to indoor areas will NOT constitute an outdoor area
  • internal courtyards are NOT considered outdoor areas

Weather contingencies should be considered for planning purposes and venues should err on the side of caution and COVID-risk when planning capacity.

Venues should also manage overall capacity and the transition of people from outdoor to indoor areas.

Updates to the COVID Safe Industry Plan for Hotels, Clubs, Nightclubs and Adult Entertainment

QHA is working with OLGR and Queensland Health on firmer definitions and updates to our Industry COVID-Safe Plan – this information will be provided asap.

The updated Plan when available can be found HERE

The latest Plan version title says – Updated: 1 October 2020

Venues are advised to update their existing Plans to this version.

The updated Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No. 6) can be found HERE

Queensland Health has provided a definition of “What is Outdoors?” on the direction FAQ page.