The last eighteen months have been tough for most people in Hospitality and Tourism. Whilst it seems Covid is now in the ‘rear vision’ mirror, the next 18 months will still be tough.  With that in mind I’d like I’d like to make you an ‘offer you can’t refuse!’

As I watched Covid begin its’ ‘attack’ on the world in 2020 and continued in 2021, I decided to gather ideas to help the Hospitality and Tourism industry businesses  recover from the Covid calamity.  I approached international and local mentors, friends, colleagues, industry icons and super professional operators, asking for clever strategies and ideas they were using or had seen being used around the world.  I collected video clips and stories telling of innovative thinkers in many countries.

I incorporated all of these into an eBook titled “Post Pandemic Thinking for Hospitality and Tourism.” These clever strategies and ideas can be adopted and adapted to help you in the challenging times ahead. I happily tell the eBook is proving to be a ‘best seller’ around the world at $US19.95.

Now, the offer you can’t refuse!   I want to give YOU a FREE copy!

As a proud and patriotic Aussie, I have spent almost my entire life in Hospitality and Tourism. It began when my brother and I, as teenagers, were pitched into running a heavily indebted in Moree in NSW. This happened because of the untimely death of our Dad.  Now, for the last 30 years, as an author and professional speaker, I have shared marketing and management ideas at conferences, conventions and collections of H & T industry people around the world. (See

I would like to invite YOU (as a member of QHA) to download your copy of the eBook (FOR FREE).  Simply click on this link:

The stories, ideas and strategies are designed to motivate and help you be creative.  Feel free to adopt and adapt them as you see fit. Can I suggest you involve your staff when perusing the pages looking for ideas to suit your business. Perhaps you might pass it onto your staff and ask them to find five ideas they think could work in your place.

In the eBook you will find information about: Post Pandemic door handles invented in Lithuania; Spain - life after lockdown; Lithuania’s Gift Certificates; How Kansas (USA) is targeting Millennials; Working Womens Wednesdays in the USA; A Swedish hotel solution; World’s most unusual Restaurant in Taipai; Using Tik-Tok as a marketing tool; The greatest management skill of all; Government help available;  A putting green in a pub;  Hotel recovery guide; Database strategies;  Germ killing robots;  The 2x2x2 Principle to double profits;  Three black boxes of marketing and endless opportunities to find ways to get customers and clients to ‘celebrate’ at your place.

ADDED BONUS: (FREE to QHA members). It is going to take some time for Hospitality and Tourism to get back to normal (whatever that new normal might be!) Hence, at the end of each quarter in 2022. I will send you ideas, strategies updates, from around the world, to keep you in touch with trends and opportunities.

For example: Alysia Bridger from organises the Nudgee College Long Lunch each August. It began 5 years ago with 200 attendees. It has grown to a 1500 people event and sells out within 48hours. Recently the New South Wales Government funded a long lunch in Sydney.  800 people attended.  Click here to see the images.

Alysia owns the Instagram handle BrisbaneLongLunch. She is working on doing similar, but much bigger, lunches in Queensland centres. Like to get involved? Contact Alysia at
(Full disclosure…Alysia Bridger is my daughter).

Max Hitchins