As mentioned in a previous edition, I would like to offer you the opportunity for Queenslanders to download a complimentary copy of “Post Pandemic Thinking for Hospitality and Tourism.” 

As a proud and patriotic Aussie, I have spent almost my entire life my time in Hospitality and Tourism. I love these industries and have shared ideas at conferences, conventions and collections of H & T Industry people around the world.

I am deeply disappointed to hear Covid has already, or will soon wipe out 30% of Hospitality and Tourism businesses around Australia. Hence, I want to do anything I can to stop or steady the carnage.  Again, as mentioned in the last issue, the one beneficial thing Covid forced upon us is the use of QR codes.

Two years ago, very few people knew what a QR code was or how it worked!  Now, everyone in the world knows what they are and how they work.   Hence, I invite you to download your FREE copy of Post Pandemic Thinking for Hospitality and Tourism, by hovering your smart phone over the QR code in this article.

Here is one of the ideas you can read about in the eBook. It is is from the American ‘Restaurant’ Doctor - Bill Marvin.  “Max,” said Bill “the greatest management skill you can develop is the ability to listen. It was a great management and marketing skill prior to Covid.  It is an absolute essential in running your business in post Covid times”.

We were in New York. Bill had flown in from Seattle to have dinner with me before I left New York for London. I was to be a guest speaker on a Cruise Ship. It was 1.00am and we were in a New York cafe, located on an incredibly busy intersection of 6th Avenue near Central Park. I shot a video interview with Bill. Yes, it was a challenge competing with the traffic noise. But the interview is full of gems of knowledge.

Bill and I have both been presenters at the world’s largest hospitality convention held each year in Chicago. Many times I have heard Bill ask of audiences “What did you learn from your staff today?”

I’ve asked many questions of Bill over the years and certainly enjoyed listening to him. He knows more about management and motivation in this industry than anyone I know. Bill’s words ring in my ears“Max, listening to your staff is probably even more important in the post-pandemic era!”

Click on this link to ‘meet’ this amazing Hospitality Industry professional.

ADDED BONUS:  (FREE to Aussie operators) It is going to take some time for Hospitality and Tourism to get back to normal (whatever that new normal might be!) Hence, at the end of June  2022 and September 2022. I will send you updates (for FREE), from around the world, to keep you in touch with trends, ideas and opportunities as they unfold throughout the world.  For example recently,  a Melbourne restaurant has turned to robot waiters as they face a staffing crisis. Check it out at this link: