With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, it is important for members to be aware of which days are public holidays and what staff are entitled to whether they work on these days or not.

The Holidays Act 1983 (Qld) (the ‘Act’), legislates public holidays in Queensland.

Members should be aware that 6pm to Midnight on 24 December is a part-day public holiday, this has been the case since 2019.

Members should also be aware that when Boxing Day and/or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Act provides for an extra public holiday to be added. This year Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, which means that both Saturday 26 December and Monday 28 December are public holidays.

This Christmas and New Year’s, the following days are public holidays:

Christmas Eve (6pm to Midnight only)
Thursday, 24 December

Christmas Day
Friday, 25 December

Boxing Day
Saturday, 26 December

Extra Boxing Day Public Holiday
Monday 28 December

New Years Day
Friday 1 January

A guide that summarises public holiday entitlements in different scenarios for different types of employees is available for members covered by the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 (‘the HIGA’).

The Employee Entitlements on Public Holidays Guide (‘the Guide’) can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The information contained in the Guide relates to HIGA-covered employees ONLY. Members should seek separate advice in relation to entitlements for employees who are covered by a different Modern Award, a registered Agreement, or are Award or Agreement free.

QHA members seeking more information or wishing to discuss a specific employment relations matter are encouraged to contact the Employment Relations Department for a confidential discussion by calling (07) 3221 6999 or emailing er@qha.org.au.