You are, and remain, a valued partner of Coca-Cola Amatil.

We understand that your business, together with the wider Hospitality and Food Service industry, is feeling the impact of COVID-19. As more and more people are confined to home, access to safe food will remain a challenge.

Every day we observe businesses are finding innovative ways to adapt, to continue to operate and serve their customers, and CCA aims to continue to provide you support, where we can.

We have put together a guide of our services we can offer to help you get through these times.

We want our CCA community to feel empowered to talk to our representatives, use our services and trust that we will continue to support you.

It is our promise to support our customers in every way possible and continue to share the latest innovations we observe in the industry.

We will continue to work with you all to drive the Food Service and Hospitality industry forward with leading, modern and progressive ideas.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay up to date.

Thanking you,

Jarrad Mortimer Director of Sales, On The Go