Pay Slips and Employee Records Checklist

QHA's Employment Relations Department has developed a self audit checklist for hospitality employers seeking to assess their compliance with pay slips and employee records requirements.

Both the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009 proscribe the content of pay slips to be issued to employees, as well as the content of records to be kept about employees (and former employees).

Click HERE to download a copy of the Checklist.

QHA members are encouraged to contact department staff to discuss any concerns they have with their pay slips and employee record requirements.
Non QHA members can also contact staff to discuss the findings from completing the checklist, however, an hourly fee for service consulting rate of $205.00 plus GST per hour will apply.

Employment Relations Department
Ph: 07 3221 6999
Fax: 07 3221 6649