On a quarterly basis, QHA's Employment Relations Department hosts HR Advisory Group ("HRAG") meetings to discuss current issues affecting HR professionals in the accommodation industry.

The meetings are conducted by the QHA's Employment Relations team who present on a range of informative topics designed to facilitate discussion among attendees. Guest speakers, including Fair Work Commission tribunal members, lawyers and industry experts regularly attend to discuss timely issues impacting on accommodation venue members.

Meetings are open to the HR Managers and HR personnel in accommodation properties, including payroll and finance, who need to keep abreast of HR and employment relations developments.


Attendance is free for financial QHA accommodation members up to a maximum of three attendees per member venue.


Non member hotels may register to attend for $110.00 (inc GST) per attendee per session.

To find out  more about HRAG meetings and /or to view past meeting agendas, please send your request to er@qha.org.au.

NOTE: Agendas cannot be downloaded from the website.

Employment Relations Department
Ph: 07 3221 6999
Fax: 07 3221 6649
Email: er@qha.org.au