The best time to reboot Keno in your venue is now, thanks to the launch of some exciting new prizes in Keno’s customisable venue promotions pool from 10 August.

These include an Apple iPad Air 10.5’ 64GB, Phillips XXL Airfryer, Samsung Jetlite stick vac with turbo, and a Relaxation Pack comprising Apple AirPods, Homedics foot spa, Sheridan luxury robe, Lanham silk pillowcase and eye mask, plus a reed diffuser.

Keno’s local area marketing solution allows your pub to build its own promotion, including selecting the prize, entry mechanic, promo dates, and point of sale items and print quantities, which it can even co-brand with its own logo.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of Keno’s in-venue marketing solution, according to Keno’s Head of Trade Engagement and Operations, Ralf Bzdega.

“Running a Keno promotion will give your venue an opportunity to reconnect with your customers and reward them for coming back to their favourite game after the recent COVID-19 closure period,” says Bzdega.

“Our online marketing product is really simple to use and allows venues to design their own promotions and schedule them when it suits.

“Importantly, it gives venues the ability to plan ahead and slot in Keno promotions to fill promo calendar gaps. This has the flip-side benefit of creating less conflict with other supplier promos.”

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