Dear members,

I think it is fair to say that we are about to enter one of the most important weekends over the past few weeks.

Whilst many members will be delighted that we are finally seeing some relaxation in health restrictions, it is vital that all members remain clear on how they are currently allowed to operate.

In essence, there is no change to the hotel and hospitality sector. The excitement in the media that society can “return to normal” is simply not the case.

We will see more movement this weekend around the state, and certainly retail and shopping centres will be pleased that there is a directive to allow non-essential shopping. This does not change the situation for hotels, restaurants and cafes who are all still only allowed takeaway sales.

The QHA urge every licensee to understand the advice from the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) that was released earlier this week. There is to be no “picnicking” in beer gardens or other licensed spaces. Further to this, OLGR have warned that consumption in public spaces is also illegal and will be regulated heavily at this time.  Please consider this to ensure you, your staff and patrons do not suffer fines through inadvertently ignoring this advice.

So far, the hotel industry has been outstanding in their adherence to restrictions and their ability to adapt. The QHA have been proud to represent you all to Government, as we can honestly portray our industry as solid examples of working together in the face of this crisis.

We have not stopped, we are trying to pave the way to ensure you open safely, as soon as possible – we just don’t want the nation to know the name of your hotel like we all know the Ruby Princess.

Thank you once again,


Bernie Hogan
QHA Chief Executive