Bepoz have developed a simple contactless browser based visitor registration solution that will assist in venues meeting government requirements in recording visitor information to reopen.

The platform essentially allows patrons entering venues to use their own device to scan a QR code that directs them to a venue managed browser.  They then enter their contact details and submit.  The venue then has a secure database of registered patrons.  For returning visitors, they will be identified by just scanning the QR code without having to reenter their contact details. Should the need arise,  the venue can run reports based on time and date periods and export as a CSV. Venues Data is only accessible to the venue and no data is shared with any third parties or used for any other purposes.

This method of visitor registration will provide a Covid Safe way and efficient way for the venues to register the guests and have the guest details available for export by date and time range.

We understand how badly the industry has been hit as we have ourselves.  We would also offer all your members Bepoz users or not a 50% discount on the service.  

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