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Tracy Hatch


Nominations are NOT accepted for this award.

This award aims to recognise a single Queensland hotelier who, by virtue of his or her service to the liquor industry, community or industry leadership, or overall business acumen, has been an outstanding example to QHA members and the liquor industry, in the year in question. Usually, the recipient will still be active in the hotel trade, and well known in hotel industry circles. The recipient will be a person who has brought credit on themselves and the hotel industry through their service to the community or the hotel industry, and will be “representative of the breed”.

The award is not for long service, a substitute for QHA Life Membership, or Hall of Fame entry. The award will not be presented if no nominee meets the award criteria, but is reserved for outstanding individuals with a track record of achievement and success. The award is only available to a licensee, hotel manager, or hotel owner or co-owner, and is not available to other industry figures or stakeholders.

Within the QHA, this award is next in prestige only to the award of QHA Life Membership. Areas in which an individual hotelier may excel include one or more of the following categories:

Hotel operations: Where an active hotelier oversees the development and presentation of a hotel that sets and maintains exceptional standards of service, presentation, compliance, responsible practices, staff development and retention, and patron care.

Hotel industry promotion: Where a hotelier, through his or her work, serves to promote the hotel industry in a positive light.

Charitable and/or community endeavour: Where a hotelier provides outstanding support to charitable causes or community endeavour in his/her own community, or within Queensland.

Hotel industry leadership: Where an active hotelier gives up time to participate in industry forums such as the QHA, AHA, local Liquor Accords, government working groups and so on.

Entrepreneurial spirit: In recognition of a hotelier who is at the cutting edge of the hotel trade, and in recognition of someone who embodies the ‘free market’ approach to entrepreneurial endeavour.

Youth / staff development and mentoring: Recognition of programs, events or systems aimed at fostering and encouraging younger entrants to the hotel industry.

Technological innovation: Development, refinement, adoption or introduction of technology-based solutions which bring innovation and improved service delivery to the hotel industry.

Peer support and assistance: In recognition of a hotelier who gives of his or her time and intellect to encourage, support and assist peers in the hotel industry.