June 11, 2020

To: Queensland Partner Venues
From: Aristocrat Queensland Office

Re: Operational Insight from the NSW market

To all venues,

Aristocrat have been keeping constant communication with our partner venues to get an understanding of what the operational challenges have been on reopening. While we received huge amounts of feedback over this period, we have condensed this down to the most important and practical list for venues in Queensland to work with prior to July 10.

  1. Cash – get in early, and if the money is clean and sequential, run it through the counting machine a few times and test it through the CRTs and Note Acceptors. New fresh notes have been problematic in cash transacting peripherals.
  2. Staff vigilance –this is new for everybody and patrons look to staff for guidance. Make them well trained and highly visible to ensure a smooth transition.
  3. Entrance presence –patrons feel safer knowing you are taking preventative steps at the start, make sure you have your processes worked out and tweak if it needs improvement.
  4. Testing the electrics –test everything with a power cord ahead of time, but a word of warning, don’t turn it all on at once as it may put undue pressure on the whole system.
  5. Staff Pre Season –get the staff in for a few days before opening to get back into the groove. Its been a while for everyone, so get ‘game ready’
  6. Sanitiser convenience –all our feedback shows people will use sanitiser when its easy and accessible, make it almost impossible to miss

We wish all the venues the best on their reopening and hope to see you all soon,

Nick Bainbrigge
Senior Manager –Queensland and NT