As you are aware, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is causing increasing social and economic disruption around the world and we are all unfortunately facing challenges. Our thoughts are with all of our customers and our industry partners that have been impacted by this situation and we want to assure you, that we are here to support you and work with you as we navigate our way in this new and challenging environment.

First and foremost, we consider the safety of our staff and of our customers the highest priority and we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, listening carefully to the questions and concerns we’ve received from our customers and employees, as well as the guidance provided by health authorities and the Australian Government.

We know that this is an evolving situation and we are working fast to adapt our working environment to ensure that we can continue to support you in compliance with applicable government and health directives. We hope that the following points of clarification will address any immediate concerns you may have, especially in light of the recent government directives to temporarily close pubs, clubs, hotels and casinos:

Access and T4 contracts

Ongoing Payments – Given your venue is closed due to a government directive, Aristocrat will be deferring all invoicing and open payments due in the month of April relating to your Access and Type 4 contracts for a 30 day period, after which Aristocrat will again review on the 30th Day of each month, the position to ascertain the current state of events.

The health and safety of our team, their families and you, our customers is our first priority and we will do our utmost to support you during this very difficult time. As you will appreciate, our ability to perform services that require Aristocrat to visit your premises may be impacted due to government and health directives and guidance.

Please note this letter does not constitute a waiver of any of Aristocrat's rights.

Should you require any further assistance from any of our team please do not hesitate to contact your Aristocrat account manager.

Kind regards,
David Ronson
Managing Director ANZ & APA