Dear valued customer,

I trust you and your staff are keeping safe and well during these challenging times.

I am writing to keep you informed of the preparations Aristocrat is making to ensure we’re ready to support your business’ recovery in the months ahead, in line with a statement we shared with the Australian Stock Exchange today.

Aristocrat’s first priority throughout this period has been the health and safety of our employees, their families and you, our customers – and this remains the case.

We are also taking a range of steps to further strengthen our financial fundamentals, and ensure we emerge from this disruption ready for a fast start as our industry recovers. This means putting in place some temporary workforce changes in our business, along with other sensible cost reduction measures.

I want to stress that these cost saving measures have been carefully applied to ensure we can continue to invest strongly in making market-leading products that perform, and will help your business to differentiate and grow going forward. Our commitment to continue to bring you first class product is unwavering.

In spite of these temporary changes, there will technical advice and commercial support available to assist in your preparations for eventual re-opening. Aristocrat’s ANZ region is maintaining a core infrastructure of critical resources, whose focus will be on supporting business continuity.

The previously announced measures in our letter dated 24th March 2020 in regards to invoicing and payments will be extended as follows:

Access/Type 4 contracts and System price payments: Aristocrat will defer all invoicing relating to your Access and Type 4 contracts, as well as System Price payments, which are due in April and May, to a date to be advised, in writing, by Aristocrat.

Maintenance/Services and Software Support payments: Aristocrat will be suspending invoicing and direct debit payments relating to maintenance and services as well as System Software Support Fees (including any Enhanced Functionality Software Fees) for another 30 days from 22nd April 2020 and you will not be charged such fees during that period.

We will review the above position, taking into account further developments, at the 30th day of each month.

Aristocrat looks forward to continuing to support you during these unprecedented times. If you require any further assistance or assurance, or if you would like to suggest further ways in which we can help, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note, as per previous correspondence, that this update does not constitute a waiver of any of Aristocrat's rights.

Kind regards,

David Ronson
Managing Director - ANZ & APAC