ahs hospitality-Pathogen room sanitisation

ahs have been able to adapt our services providing Pathogen Room sanitisation-where guests have tested positive to Covid-19

This is an extensive process based on a hospital terminal clean and disinfection guidelines used in healthcare environments.

We have used steam sanitisation and disinfecting through chemical controls, providing education, training and PPE for team members working in this environment.

Our process has been created in conjunction with an external Infection Control consultant.

ahs hospitality-Deep room sanitisation

For hotels who have hosted guests in quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days, ahs can provide a deep sanitisation service.

This is a detailed scope where we provide an extensive service to all areas of the room including dusting, polishing, vacuuming, and scrubbing – the room will be completely disinfected.

Short term Labour hire

If hotels want reduced manning, this means not employing any housekeepers directly, until you need to.

Key elements:

  • No fixed costs -hourly rates are attached
  • individual contracts that can be as short as 4 hours
  • our people working under your supervision
  • experienced housekeepers
  • full compliance with the Hospitality Award

The short term labour hire offers flexibility: if you are planning to remain open and want to reduce your direct labour costs; when the industry improves (and it will!) and you require housekeepers in an adaptable model, with less frequency.

For new hotels, if you are planning to delay opening, but still require the hotel to be cleaned.

This is non-contractual pre-cleaning, by trained housekeepers.

For further information please go to the ahs hospitality website: ahshospitality.com.au