Dear Members,

I am truly relieved that we are heading into Stage 2 trading conditions nearly a full 2 weeks earlier than the scheduled 12 June commencement date. Although the rapid rate of change has not given us much notice, the fact that we are in this position is a direct result of your safe and compliant trading during Stage 1. Thank you and well done!

As it currently stands from Monday, a maximum of 20 patrons can be in a venue for seated eating or drinking.

For those members who commenced trading in Stage 1, please amend your Covid Safe Checklist to state 20 patrons maximum. There are no other requirements you need to change.

For those members intending to start trading in Stage 2 for the first timeto trade with a maximum of 20 patrons, you will need the following:

  1. You must sign and display the Queensland Government COVID SAFE Checklist in a prominent position at your venue (change to 20 patrons) - DOWNLOAD THE QLD GOVERNMENT COVID SAFE PLAN
  2. Update your WHS plan - to include COVID-19 planning and management. To access WH&S safety plan for COVID-19, with QHA populated examples: CLICK HERE
  3. Contact information must be kept for customers, workers and any contractors for a period of at least 56 days. This must include name, address and mobile phone number. CLICK HERE to access the QHA Contact Tracing Template.
  4. Within 2 weeks of opening, all staff must complete COVID Safe mandatory training. This training is free and delivered online through TAFE Queensland. Register for the training HERE. 
For Stage 2 trading with more than 20 patrons – this will be available when our Hotels and Clubs Industry COVID Safe Plan (Plan) is approved.
We are hopeful that the Plan will be approved today or tomorrow at the latest to enable a commencement of trading with more than 20 patrons from this Friday 5 June.


In addition to the above required Stage 2 items, venues will need to implement the elements of the Plan as applicable to their businesses. The QHA will provide you with the guidance and assistance to do this via: trading area checklists; templates; and Statement of Compliance to display.


This trading in Stage 2 is based on having 1 person per 4 square meters and maintaining 1.5m social distancing between related parties. Each defined area can have a maximum of 20 patrons seated and serviced in each defined area. An area can be defined by bollards, roped off, planter boxes or partitions. Patrons must not be able to cross between these defined areas. Of course there will be pathway and flow areas for patron entry/exit, access to toilets and DOSA’s, which you will need to manage via social distancing and cleaning regimes.


Lastly, I like the motto ‘KEEP ‘EM SEATED, SEPARATED AND SERVICED’.  Members should consider the 3 S of the Plan when organising their own venue management plan.

Seated dining and drinking;
Separated with social distancing and patron control;
and Serviced via waiter service, contactless ordering and payments systems.

This gives our members the best opportunity to keep hygiene standards at a superior level and ensure staff and patrons are as safe as possible.

I look forward to notifying you when our Industry COVID Safe Plan is approved. The QHA Team will provide you all the necessary assistance to reopen and resume serving our communities.

Cheers Bernie.

Bernie Hogan
Chief Executive