With the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) announcing in late May the steep rise in wholesale energy costs set to take effect from July 1, 2022, there has never been a better time to reassess your business’ energy needs.  For Queensland businesses, they will see a 0.2% to 13.5% increase (above inflation) in their energy bills. This is a 49.5% rise since 2021.

Dale Koenders from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) said on the adoption of renewable energy “As we go through this energy transition, and prioritise green electricity, what we are facing is greater volatility, greater uncertainty, and higher prices,”

“And until we get to that end point where there is sufficient hydro build-out and battery storage as per government targets, we are going to continue to face increased volatility in the electricity market.”

Being a business owner using renewable energy, you can become your own energy provider. When you install a solar system on a commercial property, you are generating your own power to use. In addition to this, the cheapest energy you can buy, is the clean green energy generated from your own roof. As Australian businesses look for security of supply, a smaller carbon footprint and more affordable electricity prices, a Solar Power Purchase Agreement is the ideal solution to clean energy savings and a pathway to NetZero with Zero Capital Outlay.

Together, Horan & Bird and Juice Capital will fund, design, build and maintain a solar system on your premises through a through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). By funding the solar installation, we allow businesses to go solar for zero up-front cost and achieve energy savings from day one. Furthermore, we eliminate the cost and risk of ownership and maintenance of solar PV assets.

However, while the return on traditional solar system installations is strong, it may involve taking on a 15+ year commitment to the asset. This may be appropriate for solar technology but not necessarily the site or owner, who may want to redevelop the site or change the roof sheet in that time. More often than not tenants are unable able to commit to long agreements or payback periods greater than their property lease term which has hindered their ability to tap in to cheaper energy via solar.

Juice Mobile is a new and commercially flexible renewable energy solution for businesses. Juice delivers renewable energy for tenants using mobile solar technology which is delivered in 4.8 kW pods. Tenants simply agree to buy the solar energy from Juice at a vastly cheaper rate, until they vacate the premises. This energy is purchased via a short-term Power Purchase Agreement.

It is the perfect option for businesses wanting to save on their energy bills immediately and start their renewable energy journey. There is no longer any need to take a long-term position on solar and electricity prices to access the benefits of solar.

Being re-deployable means that the first Juice Mobile customer or tenant does not need to fully pay off the solar array and terms of the energy agreement can align with the customer’s property lease terms.

At the end of the day, when a tenant vacates or if a property is redeveloped, if no one wants the cheaper energy, Juice will remove and redeploy the system.

Future proof your Hotel and start the NetZero Journey today with Horan & Bird.

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