Training plays an important role in ensuring everyone understands their obligations before operating TAB equipment or selling TAB products and services.

To help the retail network and make it easier to access and manage training, Tabcorp is introducing a new easy-to-use training platform for all TAB operators across the network.

From 24 February 2022, TAB managers will be able to easily access the new TAB Training platform by logging in to MyTAB. There will be a seamless connection through to training, meaning one less login for managers and team members to remember.

For TAB managers, there will also be changes to the way you onboard and offboard MyTAB team members, saving time. From 24 February, all onboarding and offboarding will be done through MyTAB – no need to login to a separate system to assign training.

It will be easier and simpler to manage training requirements. All training courses will be assigned based on the operator’s role and state after the manager has onboarded a new operator to their venue on MyTAB.

It will also be easier for venues to monitor compliance training completion, with new features on the MyTAB manager dashboard, including a countdown to show when compliance training is due, and helpful manager features on the TAB Training platform.

Team members will also experience a more user-friendly training platform, accessible on any device, so training can be accessed on the go.

For the moment, until 16 February, TAB managers should continue nominating new team members the same way you usually do. Tabcorp will provide further information on the changes and how to use the new training platform – keep an eye out for more details.

Please contact your Tabcorp Wagering Sales Executive if you have any questions.