One customer engagement technique that never fails to impress or pay off is a promotion. This couldn’t be truer than with Keno’s flexible, in-venue promotions.

The proven, most effective way to promote Keno and increase sales performance is through its Local Area Marketing promotions program.

By offering customers the chance to win a desirable prize from Keno’s extensive range, hotels can enhance both their members and guests’ playing experience and their revenue.

Promotions are ideal to run around major calendar events, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and school holidays.

Local Area Marketing works!

Keno’s 2022 customer survey revealed venues believe Local Area Marketing (LAM) is a highly effectual method of stimulating Keno. In fact, 64% of venues told Keno they were appealing to their customers and almost 60% said their Keno sales increased during the promotional period.

The survey also highlighted that venues which participate in LAM are significantly more likely have stronger relationships with Keno.

And while there were high ratings of satisfaction with Keno overall, venues who ran an in-venue promotion in the previous 12 months were significantly more satisfied, just as they were in the 2021 survey.

Prizes packed with the “wow” factor

Keno is continually expanding its prize range with the latest popular products, and the extensive range currently on offer will appeal to all customer demographics. It includes both seasonal and enduring prizes designed to boost engagement throughout the cooler months and beyond.

Latest prize releases feature the Irobot Roomba Robot Vacuum and Garmin Venu 2 GPS Smart Watch, as well as the Camping Pack, Ryobi Camping Accessory pack, and One+ 23 litre, 18-volt fridge-freezer, which are ideal to be bundled together and drawn over consecutive weeks for greater impact.

Keno displayed some of its most popular prizes on their stand at the recent AHG Expo, including the Weber Traveler BBQ, Fishing Pack with a Shimano rod and tackle box, and Inflatable SUP & Kayak Kit.

E-gift cards are go

Keno has recently moved from a limited supply of physical gift cards to a wider choice of electronic gift cards, creating even more options to meet customers’ needs.

Another advantage of the shift to e-Gift cards is that it removes the risk of them being lost: e-Gift cards are instantly delivered to winners by email and can be printed and physically presented to them as well. And the lead times are shorter than for other prizes.

The increased range includes newly launched brands like Our Cow cards – the modern, meat raffle alternative – plus AFL, NRL, and Super Cheap Auto cards.

Another prize certain to appeal is Holiday and Hotels Gift Cards, which allow winners to choose from more than 800,000 hotels in Australia and around the world, plus flights and experiences. These are perfect for a promotion leading into the June-July holidays.

To order your hotel’s promotion today, visit Keno Connect