Are you covered from the Value Gap in Business Underinsurance?

Record levels of inflation have sent asset values soaring and insurance levels are not keeping pace.

This means the insurance coverage you had one year ago may not be enough to protect your business today.

Think about it, your business assets are constantly changing in value. Your business is growing, you might invest in new equipment, take on a new tenant, upgrade your premises or increase your inventory. With inflation factored in, there is a growing discrepancy between the insured value and the actual reinstatement value of your business assets.

This can cause problems when it comes time to claim.

We are urging you to take action now to avoid the Value Gap in Business Underinsurance.

Underinsurance Resources

As a trusted partner to QHA, we have created a host of new resources to help QHA members understand the Value Gap in Business Underinsurance, how it can impact your business and what you can do to protect your assets.

Visit our new resource hub to learn more 

Take Action Now

Don't let a gap in your insurance coverage put your business at risk. Instead, ensure that your assets are fully covered to their current replacement value.

Connect with your Gallagher broker to ensure your business is covered from the Value Gap in Business Underinsurance.

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