The QHA is eager to remind every member that although Queensland has had good results so far, the danger of an outbreak here in our state is ever-present. In fact, it is most probably inevitable.

However, this means that we as an industry must maintain vigilance in adhering to our approved COVID Safe plan and the Chief Health Officer’s directives. I have been heartened to hear of members continuing to brief their staff prior to shifts on operational controls and changing their habits to manage patrons in and around venues.

Essentially, we are asking members to not let COVID precautions become useless due to complacency. We have seen that this has been the underlying reason for outbreaks in southern states. Make a competition of hand hygiene, have some fun when pro-actively asking patrons to keep their distance or completing contact tracing.

I know it isn’t easy, however, QHA members must hold up their end of the bargain.

As the Commissioner for Liquor & Gaming re-iterated to me this week:

“There can be no weak links in this chain.  The onus is on everyone – each and every venue operator, security providers, industry workers, and patrons to ensure stage 3 eased restrictions stay on course.” 

In this edition of QHA Update, we give members guidance on maintaining contract tracing standards, encouraging physical distancing throughout venues and in any queues that form. We realise that the absolute majority of members across the state, in pubs and accommodation properties are doing a wonderful job and protecting both our industry and their patrons. Just as we all strive for operational improvements each day to make our businesses better – COVID safety is simply another area to keep up to the highest standard.

We look forward to another good week of trade and hope tourism numbers give some strength to our regions in particular.



Bernie Hogan
QHA Chief Executive